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How to Create Resumes and Cover Letters Fast with Hot Examples


“The Concise Resume and Cover Letter Guide” eBook Review



What’s all this fuss about resumes and cover letters? The keyword is “matching”.


  • When selling yourself to the employer with a cover letter, is your cover letter selling curiosity on an emotional level that targets what benefits the employer needs? If the employer’s palm is not itching for your resumes while reading your cover letter, the cover letter is not selling.


  • Does your resume provide the backend kick with supporting technical features to match the cover letter employer’s needs?


The moment you get your hands on The Concise Resume and Cover Letter Guide you’ll discover 63 concise pages of no-nonsense tips and creative, extraordinary examples to help you tackle your resume and cover letter creations.


End of review! J




Ann Hackett’s book is hot about getting resumes and cover letters done, now. She teaches with topic target examples. Tips, examples; tips, examples; tip… You are never lacking for ideas to brainstorm or emulate.


The author almost drags you by the nose through the resume creation process by forcing you to think inside the box only to let you out at every turn with refreshing examples.


When your resume is done, she provides a powerful resume evaluation review worksheet. Just check yes or no to evaluate how your resume is fessing up. p. 34




“The Concise Resume and Cover Letter Guide” has two main sections, a resume section with tightly matching examples and a cover letter section with an array of useful examples.


The author is smart in combining resume and cover letter creation. These two are the two ends of a see-saw, each balancing the other. You can’t afford too much weight on either end or your credibility can suffer and you’ll wash out before you even got started.





12 Things to Like About “The Concise Resume and Cover Letter Guide”:


  • Need tips to format your resume? Bang-bang, discover 9 resume formatting tips. P. 22


  • Need to get going fast? After the Table of Contents, you immediately jump into creating your first resume by answering a structured set of brainstorming questions. The author calls this creating an “Intake Profile”.


  • Powerful yes/no resume evaluation review worksheet to help reduce resume mistakes. p. 34


  • Do you need a professional summary? A what? Her examples are so good that their almost scary. The author has exquisite writing skills and each time I have read her summaries I wished I could use them, word-for-word. (Don’t copy, be original but you can emulate) p. 25


  • I love her tips for new college grads. Isn’t ironic how tough we make it for the new grads coming into the job market, while short on experience, they are the future?


  • More? Discover 8 tips on what not to include in your resume? p. 31


  • At the end of the resume section you’re not done. Ms. Hackett throws in 17 pages of 9 examples of full blown resumes including 2 functional resumes.


  • The cover letter section also starts off with a bang. No wasted words.


  • Discover 9 tips on what you should include in your cover letter. Then 3 examples. p. 55


  • How about tips on how to format a 5 paragraph cover letter? It’s beautifully laid out.


  • Still want more? How about some tips on writing a thank you letter?


  • Discover 10 key points to consider when creating your thank you letter. And, yes, there is an example.


More? Sure but you’ll just have to read The Concise Resume and Cover Letter Guide, right? J


What I Dislike:


  • Is it too brief, too terse for the neophyte? I think a first time cover letter and resume writer may need a little more hand holding. So don’t expect handholding although the excellent example may save the day. No sweet words, no kissy, just your thinking cap.


  • The author use what she calls Intake Profiles to get a detailed profile of your past jobs. There are 6 blank, fill-me-in Intake Profiles, one for up to 6 prior jobs. On first reading, I thought it was a waste of pages but on reflecting on the author understanding of human nature, I realize that not everyone, with a multiple job history, would make copies of the Intake Profile work sheet for each position. Knowing me, I probably would make notes squeezed into the margins. Talk about loosing content. J


Final Comments


At $5.97, your copy of The Concise Resume and Cover Letter Guide is downloadable for immediate access. It’s absurdly cheap. When I came across it, I had no clue to the brilliant work that Ann Hackett created. At $5.97, I told myself “What the “h…” At the time, I needed immediate, concise information and I felt that at the price of a fast-food lunch, it was worth the risk.


Career opportunities tend to strike like lightning. You never know when your next job opportunity lands in your lap. Is your resumes ready to go? Cover letter? If pressed for time, concise can help.


“The Concise Resume and Cover Letter Guide” provides a well structured and well organized frame from which to write your resumes faster, save time and help to reduce mistakes by using a powerful yes/no resume evaluation review worksheet.


Pick up your copy of “The Concise Resume and Cover Letter Guide” here. If it’s not your cup of tea and you’re still longing for that fast-food lunch, the book has a 90 day money back guarantee.


Happy cover letter and resume writing in your successful job hunting.


About the Author:


Charles Ethos is an experienced, motivational educator, consultant and author. His audiences have come from all walks of life. For more eye-opening interview tips to help fine-tune your job interview techniques visit http://www.eyeopeninginterviewtips.com



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